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Osprey-700 HD: High Definition  HDSDI PCIe Video Capture card for use with Simulstream

Osprey-700 HD: High Deifnition Streaming Video

The Osprey-700 HD -Introducing the first Osprey® Video card for the PCIe family of solutions from ViewCast.

Introducing the first Osprey® Video card for the PCIe family of solutions from ViewCast, the new Osprey-700 HD high-definition video capture card.


By utilizing the high-speed PCI Express bus, the Osprey-700 HD provides the bandwidth required for high-resolution video capture in applications for a wide range of HD resolutions including 1080i (60/59.94/50 Hz) and 720p (60/50 Hz).


The Osprey-700 HD offers HD-SDI/SD-SDI video input with eight embedded SDI audio stereo pairs. Future driver release will upgrade the Osprey-700 HD audio capabilities to combine embedded SDI audio stereo pairs. It supports extraction of vertical blanking interval (VBI) data for closed captioning and teletext applications.


The Osprey-700 HD is compatible with Osprey Digital SimulStream® to allow the output of multiple streams from a single channel input to multiple applications.


With the capability to meet all video resolution needs from HD to SD, the Osprey-700 HD is an excellent choice for broadcasters, content owners and content aggregators needing to re-purpose high-definition and standard definition content for IP video distribution and video-on-demand applications as well as ingesting HD/SD video for archiving and/or transcoding workflows.


  • Extraction of Closed Captioning, Teletext
  • PCIe®-compatible (1x)
  • Osprey SimulStream Ready
  • Video Processing Applications:
  • Bob1 and Advanced Deinterlace
  • Spatial Downsampling
  • Temporal Downsampling
  • RGB, YUV Format Conversion
  • Contrast, Brightness, Hue, Gamma
  • Dynamic Format Change
  • Inverse Telecine
  • Watermarking
  • Cropping
  • Windows® XP
  • Windows Server® 2003 and Windows Vista™ (coming Jan 2008)


  • Video Signal: SDI Standard Definition and HD SDI High-Definition
  • Audio Signal: Embedded SDI Audio (8 Stereo Pair)
  • Video Input Formats
    HD 720P 60
    HD 720P 59.94
    HD 1080I 60
    HD 1080I 59.94
    HD 1080I 50


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