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Osprey High-Performance Video Capture

Welcome to Osprey Video, home of the award-winning, industry-leading Osprey streaming video capture products!


ViewCast's line of Osprey® capture cards are the de facto standard in the streaming media industry. They capture and digitize full-motion video.


Since the inception of Internet streaming media starting with Progressive Networks (now RealNetworks®) in 1997, ViewCast Osprey Video has been a major player in pioneering efforts of the streaming media industry. Throughout the streaming media market's emergence and explosive growth, Osprey Video has maintained its position as an industry-leading developer and manufacturer of cutting-edge streaming media capture technology. Moreover, Osprey Video products have enabled many companies to deliver on key applications like IPTV, mobile streaming, webcasting, and more recently, videoblogging. With the ongoing introduction of new professional-level streaming and capture products, the lead continues to grow.


The ViewCast Osprey family of video capture cards is segmented by application and performance, below is a brief summary of the Osprey series:

Niagara Integrated Systems Niagara Streaming Appliance Niagara GoStream Series
Osprey Entry Level Series: Video Capture Starters Osprey Pro Series: Video Capture Performers Osprey Studio Series: Highest Performance Video Capture

Entry-level video capture boards that capture analog video and offer interface flexibility (USB & PCI) at an attractive price. Osprey entry level products are the perfect fit for security and surveillance applications as well as videoblogging. Products in this category include:



Professional-level video capture boards that capture analog and DV video, offer multi-channel audio video capture, and high-quality balanced audio. Osprey Pro products are the perfect fit for webcasting, editing, and mobile streaming. Products in this category include:






Studio-level video capture boards that capture analog and digital video, offer hardware decode, and introduct broadcast quality video for any application. Osprey Studio products are the perfect fit for Internet broadcasting, studio backhaul, and streaming. Products in this category include:


Osprey-700 HD


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