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These breakthrough products are part of a family of Information Appliance products from OmniMedia Technology for real-time information gathering and communication. Capable of multi stream real-time MPEG-1, 2, 4 encoding, this turnkey solutions provide truly affordable streaming of video for monitoring traffic, surveillance of industrial and other business complexes, live sports, music and other web casting applications. The units are light weight and ruggedized in sealed and pressurized inert gas filled environment. Operating temperature range is from -20 to + 70 Degrees C.

Sealed Encoder and Streamer Unit
Pole Mounted
Pole Mounted w Camera
Mobile Unit
Mounts on a car or van sports rack and powered by car battery or generator. Remote control of Pan, Tilt, Zoom, Focus and Presets of Motion Stabilized Camera (if equipped). Ruggedized for continuous operation while moving and also when parked. Mounts on lamp post, wall or tree trunk and powered by AC power or battery. Remote configuration and control. Ruggedized for continuous operation indoor and outdoors. Redundantly connected by wireless spread spectrum, Inmarsat satellite and high speed cell phone.

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