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Matrox's OEM Video Group provides OEM developers with a comprehensive family and basic boards and software designed for your very cost-sensitive OEM applications. All of our products combine maximum functionality and unbeatable value. Whether you're creating the next generation Video Server, DDR, or Video Editing System, these Matrox Video Group building blocks provide very high level functionality at very great prices when volume discounts are applicable. Please contact us to set up meetings with Matrox OEM people directly.


Other Matrox OEM Products :
DigiSuite LE

DigiSuite DTV
DigiServer DTV
Matrox DigiMotion

Matrox DigiVid


Matrox Digisuite LE

All-In-One Realtime Digital Video/Audio/Graphics/Effects Mixer and Dual M-JPEG Codec Matrox® DigiSuite LET is a highly-integrated, single-slot PCI controller that combines analog video and audio I/O, two Motion-JPEG codecs, and realtime A/B roll digital video mixing with 2D DVE, 32-bit graphics, digital audio processing and an optional SDI I/O module.


Dual-Channel Analog Video I/O and Quad RS0-422 Controller Matrox DigiVid is a powerful dual-channel video input/output card that comes with all the necessary software tools to enable OEMs and developers to create a wide variety of high
performance applications.
Dual Channel Motion-JPEG Codec/Digital Audio Mixer/Ultra Wide SCSI Controller. A full-length, single-slot PCI card, DigiMotion takes full advantage of the speed of the PCI bus (132 MB/sec. - zero wait state transfers) and its "plug and play" capability for easy installation into any PC.

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