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Teranex HD SDI To SDI and SDI to HD SDI Up/Down Converter

Teranex HD SDI to SDI and SDI to HD SDI UP Down Converter




The new Teranex Mini™ releases the power and “Best Picture Always” of Teranex into hand-held, portable applications. The Mini opens up a gateway of production applications previously not achievable due to cost factors.

Utilizing our Silicon Optix Realta™ chip (three years and $30 Million invested in development), Teranex leads the industry by providing low-cost products in very small form factors, while maintaining the renowned Teranex image quality.

The Teranex Mini is a DTV format converter that can convert SD video to and from HD in real time with exceptional quality. This new form factor enables applications such as HD field monitoring and conversion of SD camera and graphics sources to HD.

Of importance, the Teranex Mini becomes a useful tool for the independent producer. In its most basic form, the Mini enables SD/DV productions to be presented in HD, with resolution and clarity approaching that of native HD/HDV. For the producer that is mixing DV and HDV content into the editing timeline, the Mini enables upconversion of the DV source to HD in real time at high enough quality levels to effectively match the HDV content. The final product may then be delivered in both SD and HD simultaneously by routing the SDI output back through the Mini on playout. This real-time process not only saves time but also provides quality levels much higher than is currently available within the editing applications.

The Teranex Mini has SD/HD SDI inputs and outputs along with optional DVI, analog component, and HDMI outputs. It may be used equally well to feed a VTR, display, or video projector. Control is via front panel, OSD, or RS-232. Three Minis may be mounted in a 1RU frame. A vertical clamshell mount is also available for desktop applications.

The Teranex Mini is just the beginning for quality products in the palm of your hand!


Typical Applications

  • Production Trucks
  • VTR Conversion and Monitoring
  • SD Camera Production Upconversion
  • HD Camera monitoring
  • DV to HD production
  • NLE ingest/playout conversion
  • Large Venue Projection


Anywhere you need a high quality low cost format converter



Key Features

  • PixelMotion De-interlacing
  • Multi-directional Diagonal Filter (MDDFTM) eliminates “jaggies”
  • 2-Frame/4-Frame Delay Mode
  • Per-Pixel Temporal Recursive Noise Reduction
  • Aspect Ratio Conversion
  • Flexview - Non Linear Anamorphic Aspect Ratio
  • Per-Pixel Video/Film detection & processing
  • Film mode detection including 3:2, 2:2, 2:3:3:2, 3:2:3:2:2, 5:5, 6:4, 8:7. etc.
  • Scene Change Detection
  • Detail Enhancement
  • Embedded Audio Handling


Not all features are available in all configurations. Consult us for specific details.


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