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OPTOVALLEY High Speed Media Converters for Firewire, Gig/E, WDM,



Media converters work on the physical layer of the network. They receive data signals from one media and convert them to another device. They make one cable "look" like another cable without changing the nature of the network.


In its simplest form, a media converter is a small device with two media-dependent interfaces and a power supply. It can be installed almost anywhere in a network. The style of connector depends on the selection of media to be converted by the unit. In a Fast Ethernet environment, a 100Base-TX to 100Base-FX Media Converter connects a 100Base-TX twisted-pair device to a 100Base-FX compliant single or multimode fiber port that has a fiber-optic connector. In a Gigabit Ethernet, a media converter commonly is deployed to convert multimode to single-mode fiber or vice versa.



PCI Gigabit Ethernet NIC for UTP Standard Environment


IEEE 1394(FireWire) Card for High Speed Data Transmission


IEEE1394 Optical Network Interface Card



IEEE1394 Optical FireWire Repeater


10/100Mbps Fast Ethernet Media Converter


10/100Mbps WDM Fast Ethernet Media Converter


OVL-MC1000M OVP-1000M  

High Speed Optical Media Converter for Gigabit Ethernet


PCI Gigabit Ethernet NIC 1000-SX SC Connector




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