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Hummingbird Exceed and Maestro



We have been a factory authorized reseller of Hummingbird connectivity products since 1992. We know the people at HCL and they know us. Today we specialize in site licenses and site license renewals and are a leading reseller of site licenses.


We are closely coupled to Hummingbird... We look forward to working with you!!

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Exceed X Connectivity NFS Maestro Solo Hostexplorer Connectivity
Hummingbird Exceed

The Hummingbird Exceed® Family builds on this tradition by extending the power of Exceed to Windows-based and remote users. Backed with the richest feature set, the Hummingbird Exceed Family delivers reduced cost of ownership and increased productivity. The Hummingbird Exceed family includes innovative features that accelerate performance, simplify system administration, optimize users' personal computing environments, and deliver ease of use.



NFS Maestro Solo

The Hummingbird NFS (Network File System) Maestro family provides the largest suite of tools that enables Windows users to share files with UNIX servers. Its unmatched performance-enhanced architecture offers the latest technologies available in the NFS world. With a full range of NFS solutions including client, server and gateway, NFS Maestro is the fastest and richest NFS implementation that solves the Windows to UNIX communications dilemma.

Hostexplorer Connectivity

The majority of enterprise information continues to reside on centralized legacy hosts (Mainframe and AS/400). With the Hummingbird HostExplorer Family, you can connect your enterprise desktops to the business-critical information and applications you need - across all platforms, with no barriers.
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