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All Pro Solutions High Volume, On Demand, CD and DVD Printers, Duplicators, and Publishing Systems

All Pro Solutions carries a full line of automated or manual duplication equipment, with a fully automated CD copier as well as on disc printing. We carry both manual and fully automated DVD duplication equipment configured in both PC-connected or standalone formats to give you exactly what you need for DVD authoring. With our units, you can copy and print, in one easy step, making it your very own CD or DVD media production studio. Our PC-connected CD production equipment and DVD production equipment will satisfy every one of your duplication needs in one simple and easy to use machine. Please browse through our site to find just what you are looking for.

Olympus series Apollo Series Hera Series
Olympus Series
CD DVD and Blu-Ray Publishers powered by PoINT Publisher Software
Apollo Series
Mac/PC-Connected CD/DVD Duplicators
Hera Series
CD/DVD Duplicators Standalone w/ HDD

The systems within the Olympus Series are fully automated self-contained CD DVD Blu-Ray publishers with a built-in PC. The systems are asynchronous and can be configured with 2 drives with up to 330 capacity, 4 drives with up to 630 capacity, and 7 drives with up to 900 capacity all with inkjet or thermal disc printers. Simply add a monitor, keyboard and mouse and you have a complete publishing or duplication system at your fingertips.

This series of publishers acts as peripherals attached to PCs that are the "brains" behind the duplication process. However, the duplication process is automated, requiring no one to manually load each disk.

This series of products consists of standalone, automated duplicators that work independent of other devices. The units copy from one master, meaning no PCs are needed. With the built-in HDD, you can store up to 160 GB of data and name each master so you can refer to it over and over again. 3, 6, and 9 drive configurations available.

Zeus Series Tower Series  
Zeus Series
CD/DVD Duplicators w/ Built-in Computer
Tower Series
Standalone CD/DVD Duplicator systems
This series of publishers includes units that are fully automated, standalone, and contain their very own PC within the machine. Using these devices means you have the entire duplication process completed by one machine.

The Tower Series includes units that are standalone systems that do not need to be attached to a PC to function. However, the loading process is manual, requiring a user to load and unload each drawer as the CD/DVDs are finished.



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