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MCC-8004 Video Command Center Datasheet

MCC-8004 Media Command Center

The MCC-8004 Series of Multiviewers is a leader in the Video Monitor Wall market. The MCC8000 can display up to 120 inputs in a single display group. Combine digital or analog video, audio and computer signals on one display. Video can be composite, SD-SDI, HD-SDI, or component. Audio can be balanced or unbalanced. Computer signals can be DVI or VGA.

The MCC 8004 architecture offers tremendous flexibility for expansion. A system can go from a simple quad split to 120 video inputs. As system needs grow one need only add additional modules.

The MCC-8004 offers an integrated on-screen display, which includes on-screen labels, borders, alarms, optional audio meters as well as support for Asian and European symbols. The input windows can also be resized and moved freely for a truly customized display.

The MCC 8004 can be combined with other Avitech products (such as the VCC-8000 and ACC-8000) to support highly complex monitoring applications.


Each MCC-8004 Series module is autonomous -- In case one module fails, only the corresponding 4 input signals are lost. Plus, the analog part of the cascaded DVI-I signals are automatically bypassed (internal relays). The control cascade is RS-485, therefore control connection is still established. This strategy requires that the display has a DVI-I input with automatic change-over in between the digital and analog version of the signal -- Alternatively, a monitor with a separate DVI-D and VGA inputs with automatic input signal detection and change-over would also do the job. The drawing to the right illustrates that a spare module can be added for redundancy. If the corresponding 4 input signals are routed to the spare module and a corresponding Avitech configuration preset is recalled, then a module failure will not cause a loss of displayed sources. Status of modules is available through GPI contacts or SNMP proxy agent to a Network Management system that based on the availability of scripts would recall router configuration salvos and Avitech presets.



The DVI output of the last module of each group is feeding the monitor. The VGA output of the last module of each group is also connected to the background input of the first module of the other group. During normal operation the input of the first module of each group is disabled (switched to default black background)


In case one monitor fails, a preset combining all the inputs of both groups can be recalled (e.g. using the SCP panel) through the looping cable. In case the other monitor fails, another preset addressing this situation can be recalled. The same concept can be extended to more than two groups.



Modules include:

  • MCC-8004Q: Fixed Quad-Split
  • MCC-8004P: Production Series
  • MCC-8004U: Universal Series
  • MCC-8004-d: SD-SDI Series
  • MCC-8004-a: Composite Analog Series


The standard MCC-8000 module contains BNC connectors for 4 discrete video inputs. MCC modules can run as a standalone quad split or can be cascaded to accommodate more inputs to create a virtual monitor wall. The 4 inputs can be composite, SD-SDI, or HD-SDI. Any window on the screen can be moved and sized freely, including full screen.


Inputs can be in either 4 pairs of analog stereo or balanced/unbalanced AES/EBU. Digital embedded audio can also be extracted from the SD-SDI video stream. AES/EBU monitoring output allows you to monitor any audio sources with an external device.

There are 3 different communication protocols for the MCC-8000. The auto-detect IP port (no cross-over cable necessary for direct connect) can be used to connect to any controller/PC for Cosmos or Galaxy communication. The RS232 port supports an open ASCII protocol for 3rd party control interface. The RS485 port is reserved for cascading with other modules.

Internal flash memory stores up to 30 presets, which can be recalled by Cosmos, Galaxy, or simple control panel, as well as 3rd party control systems.


Control system with Graphical User Interface (GUI) for configuration and editing of the Virtual Monitor Wall System. This software allows users to easily configure and edit presets on displays. Cosmos is also used to interface with leading routing switchers, production switchers, tally management systems for dynamic name changes and tally on the virtual UMD. Cosmos is a Windows based program that can run on any PC or laptop with Microsoft Windows XP or 2000. Cosmos has built in alarm and fault reporting capability, and when coupled with AviNET SNMP option, it becomes a very powerful control solution.

Cosmos can be bundled with the Avitech Touch Screen Control Panel to provide a virtual command center for the Virtual Monitor Wall system.

Galaxy is a simple yet powerful control system that is specifically designed for systems that are less complicated. It is ideal for fixed installations that do not need to integrate with 3rd party routers, production switchers or tally management systems. Layouts and presets can be made quickly be recalled by 3rd party control systems via IP or RS232.

AviNET is a software based subsystem that uses industry standard simple network management protocol (SNMP). This fault and alarm reporting software provides system status information by sending out SNMP traps.

Once the layout presets are created with either Cosmos or Galaxy, the simple control panel provides an easy and quick interface for preset recalls. A single SCP can support up to 15 modules. The SCP supports up to 10 presets on 10 displays.




Auto-detect HD / SD-SDI / composite (PAL/NTSC)
Output Resolution up to 1600 x 1200 / 1920 x 1080 / 1920 x 1200
Up to 26 internal presets
On-screen labels, borders, alarms
Built-in digital clock (supports NTP)
Optional Audio Meters for Embedded Audio with phase AES (balanced / unbalanced), analog audio
8 GPI ports for tally or alarms
Auto-detect aspect ratio 16x9 and 4x3
Supports Avitech ASCII Protocol (AAP)
Supports direct TSL Tally / UMD Interface
Can be cascaded with VCC-8000, ACC-8000
Compatible with both Cosmos and Galaxy Control Software
Dimension: 1 RU, 19” W x 10” D, 48.3cm W x 25.4cm D
Weight: 8 lbs, 3.6 Kgs.
Power: <30W
Communication via IP or RS-232








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