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USB 3.0 (CMOS) Cameras USB 2.0 Cameras Camera Link Cameras
USB 3.0 (CMOS) Cameras USB 2.0 Cameras CameraLink® Cameras

High Performance, Versatile


Sentech is proud to present the STC-MCA5MUSB3, a member of the brand new USB 3.0 camera series. The color CMOS USB 3.0 camera is available in a 1/2.5" CMOS sensor with a 5MP to VGA scalable resolution and 14 to 123 FPS. This low cost, high performance camera is compatible with all standard industry drivers, and comes with the Sentech Viewing Software and SDK.


High Performance, Versatile


These are compact, progressive scan, USB camera with a color or monochrome CCD, featuring software and / or hard triggering, image capture, digital zoom and a feature-rich user based menu set up and control. This series is available with a top or rear USB connector. Sentech USB cameras include a SDK, Direct X, Twain and Linux drivers, as well as the Sentech Viewing Software.


Reliable, Compact and Machine Vision Ready


The Sentech CameraLink® Camera Series is a full featured, cost effective, digital cube camera with sensors ranging from VGA to QSXGA. Its ultra-compact design allows the camera to fit into the tightest physical configurations. The series is available in color (RGB Primary Color Filter) or monochrome and features partial scanning with both pulse width or edge preset triggering.


GigE Vision Cameras HD Output Cameras Analog  Cameras
GigE Vision Cameras HD Output Cameras Analog Cameras

Reliable, Compact and Machine Vision Ready


Sentech color and monochrome digital GigE camera series is available in two configurations: Standard Models and Power Plus Models (Xilinx or Altera based User FPGA). This series features VGA, XGA, SXGA, UXGA and QSXGA sensors, scan rates at 15 ~ 90 fps, and communications over a 12 pin Hirose or Ethernet connector.


Ultra-Compact, Versatile OEM Solution


HD Digital Output cased and board-level cameras are ideal for applications requiring direct-connect monitor viewing with High Definition resolution. This CCD based camera outputs a true HD 720p, 16x9 image at 60 fps. It also features the capability to program 28 individual DSP profiles and has a programmable on-camera push-button for manual control.


Sentech offers an extensive range of analog cameras in both board, cased and OEM configurations. These cameras have been designed for a wide range of applications: microscopy, medical equipment, endoscopic equipment, otoscopes, spectrometers, physically abusive environments, hand held instrumentation, inter-oral cameras, bar code readers and even sophisticated machine vision systems. These cameras are feature rich, provide excellent images and proven dependable performance.


Progressive Scan Cameras Auto Focus Cameras Specialty Cameras
Progressive Scan Cameras Auto Focus Cameras Specialty Cameras

Raw Digital Output Series -- Semi-Board Cameras


Sentech's digital raw data output cameras are available with a color or monochrome CCD. This series features a VGA, XGA, SXGA and UXGA sensor, scan rates at 15 ~ 90 fps, digital raw data output and variable integration shutter trigger.


Progressive Scan Cameras --
Board, Cased, Cube and Remote Head Models


Powerful and Versatile Progressive Scan analog Machine Vision cameras Our Cube Cameras series features VGA (0.3 MP) to UXGA (2 MP) resolutions with full machine vision functionality. Next are the “SS” series of very small remote head high speed VGA cameras for applications where weight, space and inertia control are critical. Finally, Sentech offers a board version with a face dimension of 30 x 30 mm featuring full MV functionality.


Standard and HD Technology with CCD Performance

Sentech proudly features an industrial grade Auto Focus Camera Series specifically designed for medical, low vision and industrial applications. Sentech has both High Definition and Standard Resolution Block Cameras. Our new HD auto focus camera (STC-AF133) is a digital output CCD based camera with an 18X zoom lens. The STC-AF133 features true HD 720p resolution and outputs 16x9 image at 60 fps. Our Standard auto focus block cameras are available in both standard (STC-AF56) and high resolution (STC-AF66). All Sentech block cameras have full “Low Vision” functionality built into the camera.


Borescopes, "Night Probe" (Under Door Security), and Transit Cameras

Sentech’s Industrial Borescopes feature both USB and Video output cameras. The “Night Probe” camera was specifically designed to provide video in very low light environments. And Sentech's family of Transit Cameras is installed in over 38,000 units in some of the largest transit authorities in America.


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