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Is a pioneer in CMOS cameras with Gig/E interfaces. Today you see only 2-3 products... There are many more to come. If you need some custom cameras with this technology please contact us. We are looking for new engineering projects that are sponsored by customers.


Raptor 100 Raptor 1000 Vision Box
Camera Link side Ethernet Side
Pre-installed with the Raptor-IDE software, Windows XP, and optionally a C/C++ Compiler.

Real Time Camera Link to Gig/E converter for use with any Camera Link compatible Machine Vision camera including Pulnix, JAI, Hitachi, Toshiba-Teli, Basler and others. Raptor 100 is often used to extend the signaling range of any Camera Link oriented camera over long distances


A CMOS Color or B/W, 1.3 Megapixel (1280x1024), rugged, 10 bit, 27 fps Camera with native Gig/E interface. Since this is a CMOS sensor it supports area of interest transfers and thus will provide up to 1600 fps at 100x100 resolution and lower frame rates at higher resolution than 100x100. An ideal camera where Gig/E infrastructure is desired with a CMOS sensor.

The VisionBOX is a P4 2.8 MHz; Embedded PC with a Maximum of 1 GByte of memory, VGA output, 1 serial port and 2 USB ports. The VisionBOX hardware is developed to match the Raptor-Series Gigabit Ethernet communication technology to transfer images with the least amount of CPU overhead. Furthermore the VisionBOX can optionally be delivered with a PCI I/O card with analog and digital IO signals.

Machine Vision Camera detailsMore Details
Machine Vision Camera detailsDownload Datasheet


Machine Vision Camera detailsMore Details
hite Video Cameras detailsDownload Datasheet
Raptor IDE    






The Raptor IDE is an advanced piece of software that lets you control your Raptor hardware and at the same time use more than 100 Machine Vision Operators in your final application. The Vision Server is built in C/C++ and runs on the VisionBOX or on a standard PC of your choice.


The VisionBOX, however, is well suited since its hardware is matched to the Raptor hardware for optimal performance.


The Raptor-IDE lets you develop your runtime environment, allowing you to add your own functionality in C/C++ to be linked in the final application. Furthermore you can use the Raptor-IDE framework as your GUI front end for your application. You can develop your own PLUGINS for the framework and remove all the Quest provided plugins, or re-use them in your own application.


A datasheet of the Raptor-IDE will be provided shortly.












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