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Fiber optic light sources, led ringlights, and backlights for machine vision  

Fiberoptics - High Performance Fiberoptic Light Delivery for Fiberoptic Lightsources

Backlights CABIs (Co-Axial Beamsplitter Illuminator)  DRIs (Diffuse Ring Illuminators (DRI)
Backlights cabis (co-axial beamsplitter illuminator) DRIs (Diffuse Ring Illuminators)

  • Glass fibers - No plastic fibers to burn or melt
  • High Uniformity: +/-10% (one standard deviation)
  • High Luminance - Low profile designs
  • Three (3) standard sizes (2x2, 3x3, 5x5 inches)
  • Applications:metrology, gauging, transparent objects
  • Also available in LED versions


  • Brightfield Illumination Mode
  • On-Axis Illumination with Camera View-Through Port
  • Two (2) standard sizes (2x2, 4x4 inch Clear Aperture)
  • Perfect for mixed reflective & non-reflective surfaces
  • Applications: PC Boards, Semiconductors, Leadframes
  • Also available in LED versions

  • Darkfield Illumination Mode
  • Low angle, highly diffuse structured light
  • High Uniformity: +/-5% (one standard deviation)
  • Perfect for raised or depressed features on flat surfaces
  • Applications: Populated PC Boards, Markings, Scratches
  • Also available in LED versions



Download the catalog page Backlights (PDF)


Download the catalog page CABI (PDF)

Download the catalog page DRI (PDF)


Lightguides Lightlines Ringlights
LightLines RingLights

  • Light delivery for creating point source illumination
  • High throughput blue enhanced fiberoptics
  • Rugged, flexible, stainless steel sheathed
  • Swaged stainless steel ferrules for maximum durability
  • Liquid cores available - see Liquid Lightguides

  • Generates thin intense lines of light
  • Four (4) standard sizes (3 and 6 inch-singles & duals)
  • Cylindrical Lens options concentrate light
  • Applications: Linescan Scanning, Darkfield
  • High Uniformity: +/-10% (one standard deviation)
  • Also available in LED versions

  • Virtually shadow-free illumination from 360 degrees
  • Six (6) standard sizes (25 to 60 mm inner diameters)
  • Adjustable 8-point version pinpoints angular structure
  • Triple fiber input models for RGB and high intensity applications
  • Snap-on polarizers, diffusers, darkfield reflector options


Download the catalog page Lightguides (PDF)

Download the catalog page Lightlines (PDF)


Download the catalog page  Ringlights (PDF)


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