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Ikegami Machine Vision Cameras
These high performance, high resolution Machine Vision Cameras are well suited for a large variety of industrial applications. These machine vision cameras offer a variety of features to meet a diverse and growing array of image processing needs.

HDL-20 HDL-40 ICD-F24
Full Digital Small and Smart HDTV Camera
One Piece Full Digital Box-type HDTV Camera
1/2 Inch 3CCD High Resolution Broadcast Quality Camera

The HDL-20 is a high performance full digital camera with a small, smartly-designed body for various applications, such as POV, Helicopter-Gyroscope Coverage, Industrial Inspection and Medical-related Operations, where our accumulated HDTV camera technologies are completely harmonized. Small size, light weight, easy operation and handling make the HDL-20 well suited for the next era in HDTV requiring an ultra-compact camera.

The Ikegami HDL-40HS employs the image processing power of Ikegamiís full resolution CMOS (Complimentary Metal Oxide Semiconductor) sensors, operating at 120 frames per second capture rate, and sampling at 1280 x 720. 720/120p via dual link HD SDI supplies the high frame rate needed, sending it to the server for slow-motion replay, while standard 720p out is available for live use the HDL-40HS can also operate at 1080/60P.

This apparatus is FIT 3-CCD color TV camera for industrial application use, which presents high resolution and high-quality picture by 3CCD and has various functions for POV cameras, is most suitable for monitoring in extensive area, such as traffic, harbors, sky, rivers, plans, markets, etc.

  • 2/3-inch 2,200,000-pixel Special IT CCDs

    2/3-inch 2.2M pixel 1080i IT CCDs are employed to achieve superb picture quality with a horizontal resolution of 1,000 TV lines.

  • Full Digital and High Picture Quality

    Using newly developed digital processing ICs, precision designed at 0.18 micro-meter rule, the video signals are digitized with 12-bit A/D conversion and up to 38-bit internal digital processing. As non-linear processing such as gamma correction is performed digitally, consistent and repetitive high picture quality and stable reliability is assured.

  • Small and Light Weight Body in HDTV

    By incorporating 2/3" 2chip CCDs, an HDTV camera with high picture quality becomes available for C-mount lenses in an ultra-compact size.

  • HD SDI Output from the CCU (Camera Control Unit)

    HD SDI output is provided from the CCU(Camera Control Unit), and direct connection is possible with HD digital equipment, such as an HD VTR.

  • Gain Up Selection

    This function makes it possible to achieve a wide range sensitivity selection(0/+6/+12/+18dB), especially for high sensitivity in low illumination.

  • Easy Operation for Various Control Function

    Using the specified remote control panel, the operator can handle special video functions, such as Auto white balance, DTL, Gain control, and additional control functions.

  • Scene File Function

    This function is a programmable profile which can be set by the user. The desired operator data can be stored in a Scene File.

  • 2,200,000-pixel IT CCDs (or CMOS Sensors)
    2/3-inch 2,200,000 pixel 1080i IT CCDs are employed to achieve superb picture quality and improve smear level. * FIT 2/3" 2,200,000 pixel CCD version is also available.
  • Fully Digitalized Circuits
    12-bit A/D conversion and fully digital processing through the use of 0.18 -micro m design rule 3,300,000 gates ASIC has been realized. Fully digital stream through the camera HD-SDI output assures signal integrity, repetitive high picture quality and stable reliability.

  • Compact and Light Weight Construction
    Weigh less than 4.0 lbs. Various applications are possible such as: weather camera, overview camera on a pan & tilt, under-water craft, spacecraft, airborne use, surveillance and POV (Point of View) applications for accurate caption from lively exciting angles in the field.

  • Next Generation ASIC for Advanced Operations
    Incorporating Next-Generation, Advanced Digital Processing Ics to achieve Digital Wide Band DTL circuit fro contour correction reproduces precise pictures, Black Stretch circuits support operators for various video production demands.

  • Automatic Exposure Modes
    Low and high speeds shutter performance widen applications. Special features are such as Auto Electronic Shutter and Charge Accumulation makes time lapse and longer exposure time for further increasing sensitivity in very low light possible.

  • Optional Extended Application
    Support of fiber extension system with HDTV POV equipment.

  • In the 3-CCD configuration, the three primary colors of light that are separated by an RGB prism are introduced to their respective CCDs. Compared with conventional single-CCD CCTV cameras, the design helps substantially improve the resolution, color reproduction and other performances.
  • The three CCDs are precisely mounted in position (by the spatial pixel shifting technique). The horizontal resolution comes in as high as 750 lines, which has not been achieved with single-CCD cameras.

  • Unlike IT CCDs used in single-CCD cameras, the FIT type CCDs of this model greatly reduces moire, smear and other noises that are peculiar to CCDs. What's more, high-quality picture is attained at the signal-to-noise ratio of 60dB.

  • The gain change-over circuit incorporated in this apparatus enables video gain control of -3, 0, + 3, +6, +9, + 15, and + 18dB.

  • The AUTO/MANUAL selection filter and one-touch auto white circuit (AWC) incorporated in this apparatus enable a good color reproduction under various types of light sources.

  • The correction circuit incorporated in this apparatus for eliminating white shooting generated through lens gives always the most appropriate video balance even if the lens is exchanged.

  • The video output includes VBS composite, Y/C, RGB, and sync signals, which provides for a better picture for many different applications.

  • Use of interface cable enables remote-control of various functions from a personal computer etc. through RS-232C.

  • The camera can produce EIA-compatible color bars. In this way the characteristics of the transmission system can be checked and adjusted, and the monitor can also be precisely adjusted for colors, brightness and other factors.

  • Each camera can be identified with a code of up to 16 characters in a line. Names of surveillance spots or camera numbers may be displayed on the monitor to identify the camera.

Specifications Datasheet

Specifications Datasheet


SKC-141/141TC SKC-141P SKC-145T2
Mega-pixel Near Infrared sensitivity Frame Shutter Camera
Small Head, High Resolution Progressive Partial Scan Camera
Small Head, High Frame Rate, High-Resolution Monochrome Camera
SKC141 is high-resolution black & white full frame shutter camera with a 2/3-inch 1.45 million pixel forward matrix Interline Transfer CCD of 1,392X1,040. Both analog and 10-bit digital signal are output with frame frequency of 10Hz/sec. (or 12Hz/sec. or 15Hz/sec.)
SKC-141TC is specifically designed for ITS/Traffic Control System to adopt DC drive type Auto-Iris Lens that is controlled at any shutter mode, Continuous Shutter Mode or Random Shutter Mode. RS-232C function is provided for remote control communication.
SKC-141P is high-resolution black & white full frame shutter camera with a partial scan function makes possible outputting a partial area and high speed frame rate.

SKC145T2 is a latest advanced full frame shutter monochrome camera with 2/3-inch 1.45 million pixel forward matrix interline transfer CCD. A compact remote camera head enables to operate in limited spaces. High frame rate in non-interlace scan and multishutter functions make variable application. The SKC-145T2 is new solution for multi industrial applications.


  • Mega pixel CCD Progressive system
  • Near Infrared sensitivity
  • Smear reduction function
  • Random Trigger function
  • Pulse width mode function
  • SYNC reset function
  • 10-bit Digital output LVDS (RS-644)
  • RS-232C control
  • Back focal length adjust mechanism
  • Automatic Iris Lens control (SKC-141TC)
  • AGC, Gamma correction
  • Durable design
  • Automatic switching of internal/external synchronization



  • Machine Vision
  • Car Parking
  • ATM machine
  • Factory Production Line



  • SKC-141-10 / 10 frame/sec
  • SKC-141-12 / 12 frame/sec
  • SKC-141-15 / 15 frame/sec


  • ITS system
  • Traffic Speed Limit Enforcement system
  • Traffic Light Enforcement system


  • SKC-141TC-10 / 10 frame/sec
  • SKC-141TC-12 / 12 frame/sec
  • SKC-141TC-15 / 15 frame/sec


  • Effective pixels 1,392 (horizontal) x 1,040 (vertical)
  • Outputs Analog and Digital video signals at same time
  • Digital output; LVDS (EIA 644) or RS-422
  • Small and light weight W46 x H42 x D84mm, 200g (0.44 lbs)


  • Mega pixel CCD Progressive system
  • Near Infrared sensitivity
  • Compact remote camera head (W:36XH:32XD:53mm)
  • 25 fps non-interlace in 10 bit digital output (LVDS) and analog output
  • High-speed shutter (1/1,000,000 sec.)
  • Smear reduction function
  • Random Trigger function
  • Preset shutter function
  • Pulse width mode function
  • SYNC reset function
  • AGC, Gamma correction
  • RS-232C control for remote setting
  • Durable design
  • Automatic switching of internal/external synchronization
  • Camera link output (factory option)
  • EIA output (factory option)
  • Camera cable 5m (max.20m option)


  • CSU145-Camera cable (5m,10m,15m,20m)
  • PSC140-DC cable (3m,5m,10m)
    (Camera connector)
  • RSC130-I/F cable
    (Digital output connector)
  • RCC130-Remote cable (3m,5m,10m)
    (Remote connector)
  • IR Cut filter (factory option)
  • Memory unit (factory option)
  • Camera link (factory option)




SKC-151 SKC-161UV   SKC-201CL
Small Head, Ultra High Resolution Progressive Scan Camera
Small Head, High-Resolution, Monochrome Progressive UV Camera
Small Head, High-Resolution Progressive Color Frame Shutter Camera
SKC-151 is a small and a compact, frame shutter monochrome camera adopting a 1/1.8" 2.01 million pixel CCD to achieve an ultra high resolution picture of 1,628 x 1,236 at 12 frames per second. This camera is suitable for the display inspection of more high resolution need.
The SKC-161UV is a latest advanced full frame shutter monochrome camera. This camera uses a 1/2 inch 1.45 million pixel forward matrix interline transfer CCD with highest sensitivity in an ultra-violet (UV) area and realizes inspections of a fine scratch, dust, stain or finger print at lower cost which would not see in visible ray area.
The SKC-201CL is a latest advanced full frame shutter color camera with a 2/3 inch 1.45 million pixel forward matrix interline transfer CCD and outputs RGB signals (24 bits) at 15 frames per second, with Horizontal 1,392 x Vertical 1,040 pixels, through a camera link interface. It has a multi-shutter mode available in continuous shutter mode, random shutter mode or auto shutter mode.
  • 1/1.8-inch 2.01M Square Pixel CCD adopted.
  • H 1,628 x V 1,236 pixels
  • Built-in the upper smear cut function
  • Small and Light Weight
  • W46 x H42 xD84mm, 200g (0.44 lbs)
  • Built-in the frame shutter function
  • Remote control via RS-232C
  • Built-in three types of Random Shutter Modes, Preset shutter mode, Pulse width Input mode, 2T Pulse mode.
  • Built in AGC (Auto Gain Control), Gamma Correction function (1.0 /0.45).
  • Analog out or Digital Out (LVDS)
  • Rugged housing.
  • This camera has a sensitivity in 230nm range make possible to use a microscope under an ultra-violet light source.
  • High Resolution and MTF make possible using effective pixels 1.45M, square pixel read-out CCD.
  • High sensitivity in visible area as well as ultra-violet area to accept the use of normal inspection.
  • Lower smear level
  • 10 frames per second
  • Remote control via RS-232C
  • Built-in Internal Sync/External Sync Automatic Selection Function
  • Built-in low jitter external sync circuit
  • Adopted 2/3E1.45M Pixels Color CCD
  • No video process correction required because of using the square pixel CCD
  • High Resolution output of Horizontal 1,392 x Vertical 1,040 pixels
  • Superb color reproduction using a built-in special color processing
  • Captures 15 frames per second
  • Realized high sensitivity and low smear
  • Digital Output ERGB 30 bits Camera Link
  • C-Mount with Flange Back Adjustment
  • Remote Control via RS-232C
  • Built-in Internal Sync/External Sync Automatic Selection Function
  • High Stability Design





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