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FA & Machine Vision Lenses Security Lenses RICOH FA Camera
FA & Machine Vision Lenses Security Lenses RICOH FA Camera
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  • Ultra-high-performance lens for close-up applications, compatible with 5 mega-pixel cameras (2/3" format) 140 lp/mm resolution from the center to the periphery of the lens. Ultra-high resolution lens compatible with sensor resolutions of up to 3.45μm pixel pitch Transmits sharp, high-contrast images from the center to the periphery
  • Minimal optical distortion Every lens in the series transmits images with minimal optical distortion.
  • Bright lens with only minimal peripheral light reduction Compact, external diameter of only 43mm, with fast F1.4 aperture. The design of the C814-5M keeps vignetting to an absolute minimum. Although wide angle, C814-5M has 70% light transmission in the corners (2/3” format) with the iris fully open. This is a ‘bright’ lens in the true sense of the word!
  • An ideal component for any compact high-performance machine vision system State of the art design, manufacturing, and quality control techniques produce high quality lenses with no image tilt, and minimal individual difference. Lenses work beautifully in multi-camera inspection systems and 3D imaging systems. The focus and iris rings incorporate a new scale and font for improved visibility and operation during adjustment.


  • Effective not only for fog and rain, but also airborne particles of sand, smoke, and snow.
  • Re-introduces colour from degraded images in real time.
  • Autofocus function improves the ultra-telephoto zoom lens operation
  • PAIR II is equipped with the industry's first heat-haze-reduction and image stabilising functions.
  • Contained within the lens, the system is suitable for any camera.
  • Instantly renders clear images when switching from one image to the next in joint surveillance systems.
FA cameras satisfying a diverse range of inspection needs. The RICOH FV Series is a line of both Camera Link and GigE Vision type cameras matched to your resolution requirements. These cameras support high-precision manufacturing.
  • 35 mm×35 mm compact design
  • Uses PoCL (Power over Camera Link), which has a strong track record as a high-resolution digital camera interface
  • High-speed frame rate of 5M: 16 fps
  • Various trigger modes (pulse width, edge preset trigger) as standard features
  • In addition to camera tripod screw holes, M4 screw holes are located on four sides (top, bottom, left, right)
  • To increase mounting precision, mounting holes are arranged based on the CCD optical axis


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