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ImageOps History and Milestones

Some major milestones for CMI:

1. Introduction of PC Based Frame Grabbers into Semiconductor Industry - Matrox
- 1982

1.A Helped launch Power FET Based Power Supply Line from Canada become major Power Supply Vendor in SV.

1AA. Helped introduce Tadpole into US Market by setting up 1 Million Dollar OEM deal with Amdahl for Front End Processors.

1B. Helped SBE Inc emerge as leader in Multibus OEM Motorola 68000 market by getting OEM deals with Adept, Cisco, Credence, and Berkeley Process Control. Recognized as No 1 Representative.

1C. Became No 1 OEM Board Distributor In SV when representing Burr-Brown, Mupac, SBE, Tadpole, VMIC, and Greenspring Computer. This lasted for 1 year. Next Year we lost key people when several lines went direct.

2. Introduction of CD Recorders into the content creation world of Silicon Valley - JVC
- 1992

2A. Found right contacts and created OEM relationship between Matrox and Sun Microsystems for OEM S Bus Graphics cards. This helped Matrox create a Billion Dollar Business with its Graphics Technology.

3. Introduction of JPEG, MPEG-1, MPEG-2 Technology - Optibase
- 1993

4. Introduction of ISDN Based Video Conferencing - VTEL
- 1996

5. Introduction of ISDN Routers - Cisco Systems
- 1995

6. Introduction of PC Based Video Editing - Matrox Video
- 1996

7. Introduction of High Performance DSP Based Boards for Military Reconnaissance
- 1987

8. Introduction of X Servers into PC World - Hummingbird Communications
- 1989

9. Building on a Subcontract Basis NLE Editing Systems - Fast Electronics
- 1997

10. Distributing CCD Camera - JAI
- 1999

11. Very Successful at shipping over 8 Million Dollars of Matrox Product in one 12 month period. This causes Matrox to think about "going direct".
- 2000

12. Moved from San Jose to San Diego so teenagers can be close to Grandparents. Reestablished Computer Modules,Inc as a VAR in San Diego
- 2001

13. Established new stronger relationships with Hitachi, Euresys, and Mikrotron
- 2002

14. Started to establish ourselves in San Diego and create relationships with local and Southern California Community
- 2003



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