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228 Full Frames Per Second Motion Analysis System

The HAWK is a Complete Motion Analysis System that can help solve your mechanical issues that happen too fast for the eye to see and be analyzed. Everything is in one precise package in a Storage / Shipping / Carrying Case. Included in this package are the USB 3.0 Camera, Lens, USB 3.0 Cable, Box Computer, Remote Control Tablet, HAWK Camera Interface USB Software, plus additional Cameras if needed. A separate Accessory Package includes a choice of a Box Computer Battery, Battery Powered Lights, Lenses, ImageWarp Motion Analysis Software, Floor Tripods, Bench Tripods and a Handheld Tripod also in a Storage / Shipping / Carrying Case.


Features - IMI USB 3.0 Cameras
IMB-3701UP Mono; IMC-3701US Color:

  • VGA 640 x 480
  • Max. 600 fps
  • CMOS Global/Rolling Shutter
  • High Bandwidth and Low CPU usage
  • Power Supply Management Support
  • Plug and Play Interface
  • 44(W) x 44 (H) x 22.4 (D) mm. 55g

Features - Camera Interface
Software Development Kit

  • Provides easy integration into multiple programming environments (C++, C#, VB, NET, VB6, Delphi, PowerBuilder, Java, Python, QT, and more)
  • Includes drivers for DirectShow, TWAIN, MATLAB, LabVIEW, InduSoft Studio, WinCC Flexible, GE Fanuc

Features – Cable and Lenses:

  • PCIe 2-meter cable DIN to DIN CSP-6 Quad
  • Ships with three lenses
  • Ships with Pelican Case


  • FPD and PCB Inspection
  • Semiconductor Inspection
  • Digitizing and Scanning
  • Research and Scientific Imaging
  • Bottling, Labeling, and Packaging
  • Mechanical Product Design
  • Mechanical Engineering Lab Tool

HAWK Camera Interface Software Development Kit Functions:

  • Universal programmatic interface - easy integration into multiple programming environments (C++, C#, VB.NET, VB6, Delphi, PowerBuilder, Java, Python, QT and more)
  • Included drivers for DirectShow, TWAIN, Matlab, LabView, Indusoft Studio, WinCC Flexible, GE Fanuc
  • Color overlays - overlay multi-colored graphics and text with an adjustable transparency over live video
  • Background correction - compensate for uneven background by "subtracting" previously saved background image from each incoming frame
  • Hot-pixel correction - automatically identify bad pixels and eliminate them from incoming images
  • Running average - suppress noise by averaging subsequent frames on the fly while maintaining the actual frame rate
  • Lookup tables - apply custom intensity curves and pseudo-coloring to each incoming frame
  • Auto White Balance - generate natural colors by applying a real-time AWB algorithm
  • Lens Distortion Correction - correct images for pincushion and barrel anomalies imposed by imperfect optics
  • Barcode recognition - automatically locate and decode 1D and 2D barcodes
  • Image statistics - collect histograms and basic image statistics (mean, min, max, deviation, median, skewness) from each color channel
  • Video capture - record video into AVI files with adjustable compression or into multiple individual files (.raw, .bmp, .jpg, .tif)
  • Monitor synchronization - built-in patented algorithm for eliminating display tearing artifacts


IMB-3701US - Mono

IMC-3701US - Color

Image Sensor Type

Mono 1/2.9” CMOS Sensor (IMX273LLR-C) 

Color 1/2.9” CMOS Sensor (IMX273LQR-C) 

Picture Size

1440(H) x 1080(V) 1.58M pixels

Cell Size(um)

3.45 μm x 3.45 μm 

Real Frame Rate 

228 fps (1440x1080, Mono8) 
114 fps (1440x1080, Mono12)
When ROI, the Frame Rate is fixed according to the vertical image size.

Lens Mount


Scanning System

Progressive System

Frame Format

Mono8, Mono12



Rising Edge or Falling Edge (Photo coupler)




External Trigger (Photo-coupler) or Software Trigger


Support Normal Mode or Trigger Mode (Photo-coupler) 

SIO (RS232)


Control Functions 

Brightness, Sharpness, Gamma, Auto-Exposure, Shutter, Gain, User Defined LUT

Digital Interface / Transfer Rate

USB3.0 / 5Gbps 


0 ~ 24 dB (Manual or Auto control)

Shutter Speed

50 usec ~ 2 sec (Manual or Auto control)

Supply Voltage

5V via USB3.0 or 12V external power


~3.4 W max.

External Dimension

44(H) mm x 40 (V) mm x 31.6(D) mm (C-mount except.)

Operation Temp

-10°C to 50°C (Humidity: 0%RH~80%RH)

Storage Temp

 -30°C to 60°C (Humidity: 0%RH~90%RH)



Camera Specification

AIA USB3.0 Vision version 1.0

Remark: Camera Specifications subject to change without notice.

Download HAWK Data Sheet


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