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ImageOPS Security Systems provides security systems in our area and also sells these systems via resellers. We are not new to the security systems industry. We bring lots of experience with video, JPEG, MPEG, IP and PC's. We sell complete solutions to Military, OEMs and end users.

Turnkey Security Systems
Turnkey Security Systems
Digital ID view Cameras Turnkey Security Solutions
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CMOS USB-2 Cameras and CMOS HD Cameras Remote Control Pan Tilt Zoom Camera
Infrared Imaging & Commercial Vision Systems
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Inside and Outside Security Cameras, Multiplexers, Pan and Tilts, and Accessories
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Recent Project

We did some Omnimedia based MPEG-4 Video Transmission over 802.11 trials for San Diego Police Department for Superbowl 2003.


Photos of the Project


Call us For Details and References.

Video Surveillance Software
Acuity-VCT IVC
Alnet J2K
Artec Technologies AG JDS
Avermedia J-Systems
Bosch JVC
Codestuff LuxRiot
D3Data March Networks
Digiop Milestone
DVTel Mirasys Ltd.
Electronics Line USA Nice - FAST
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Genetec PC Open
GeoVision PAC Integrations
Geutebruck Phoenix IVS
Griffid Quadrox
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Hawkeye Security Spy
Honeywell Fusion See-Tec
Honeywell Enterprise Toshiba
IDCS TridentTek
Instek Digital Video Insight
Integral VideoProtein
IP Vision Software ViSEC Surveillance


Works well with your iPhone and iPAD. Supports PNP protocol.

This security camera is SUPER EZ to set up. Reads QR code on box and you are up. You then change the security password. It transmits 640x480 resolution video at 10 fps... It works with wifi or with an RJ 45.The camera has a motion detector and can send a message when it detects motion. Plugs into AC. 5"x4"x5". Weighs 1 Lb.





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