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Niagara® Windows Media WM Streaming Systems

The ViewCast Niagara family of Windows Media streaming media encoders and servers have been designed from the ground up to provide reliable, pre-configured, plug-and-play solutions enabling you to quickly encode and stream premium quality audio and video over the Internet or corporate network.

The Niagara systems are built upon an industry standard, the ViewCast Osprey® streaming video capture boards. These systems include a mix of Osprey analog and digital capture boards along with our remote management and tuning software (Niagara SCX®) and streaming productivity software (SimulStream®) resulting in a powerful, reliable, and cost-effective streaming media platform. The Niagara family of streaming media encoders is segmented by application and performance, below is a brief summary of the Niagara series:

Niagara 9100 Streaming Media System Niagara 7550 Niagara 4100
Niagara 9100 Streaming Media System Niagara 7550 HD Streaming Media Systems
Most Popular Multi Streamers
Niagara 4100 Portable Streaming System
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The Niagara 9100 series is a high-density/high-performance multiple encoder platform for service providers, broadcasters, and enterprises. The Niagara 9100 can be configured for a variety of video and audio inputs including HD SDI, component, Y/C, composite video with balanced, unbalanced, embedded, and AES/EBU audio.

Video streaming from high-definition (HD) video sources has reached a new level of quality and performance with the Niagara 7550. Designed for professional broadcasting applications, this powerful streaming appliance simplifies the complex workflows often associated with the transformation of HD video over broadband and mobile networks.

The Niagara 7550 takes advantage of the latest multi-core processing technology giving you the power you need for multi-platform video streaming applications.

The Niagara 4100 is designed with a combination of simplicity, portability and power to quickly and easily stream your HD content to broadband and mobile networks including live adaptive streaming to Apple® iPhones® and iPads®. With the ability to ingest high definition video, the Niagara 4100 is ideal for live sports, live news gathering operation, webcasting or any streaming application where you need rock-solid performance on the go.

Niagara Integrated Systems Niagara Integrated Systems Niagara 8224
Niagara 2120 Streaming Media System Niagara 2100 Streaming Media System Niagara 8224
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ViewCast has broken the price/performance barrier with the Niagara 2120. Packed with many of the same powerful features found in ViewCast’s other professional-
grade streaming appliances, the Niagara 2120 offers uncompromised quality and simplicity of operation
in a compact, low-cost streaming solution. The system supports multiple Adobe® Flash® H.264 streams simultaneously.

ViewCast has broken the price/performance barrier with its latest innovation, the Niagara 2100. Packed with many of the same powerful features found in ViewCast’s professional-grade streaming appliances, the Niagara 2100 offers uncompromised quality and simplicity of operation in a compact, low-cost streaming solution.

The Niagara® 8224 is the newest high-density analog encoder from ViewCast, featuring eight fully independent channels. This media encoding system provides a full variety of analog video inputs for each channel, as well as balanced and unbalanced audio.

Niagara Streaming Appliance Niagara GoStream Series  
Niagara Pro II Streaming Media System Niagara GoStream® SURF Streaming Media System  
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ViewCast is pleased to introduce the new Niagara Pro II – the next generation in professional-grade video streaming appliances. This encoder offers the most powerful processors and largest memory capacity of all the Niagara appliances, taking professional streaming to the next level. With its two independent audio and video channels, the Niagara Pro II allows you to capture and encode multiple full-resolution (D1), SDI video streams.


Introducing the GoStream® SURF - same GoStream portability, but with much more power to let you broadcast in multiple full resolution streams. Designed with a combination of simplicity, portability, and power - just grab the handle and GO! It's a great way to quickly stream live events over the Internet from on location or anywhere you can access an IP network.





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