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Our principals used to work at Matrox and Tektronix. We understand video capture, editing, compression, storage, and transmission issues and closely follow the industry trends. We have selected best of breed companies to work with. We can build custom systems from these components or sell them with the full knowledge that we can support you. Our tech support department has the deep multiple years of experience to support you with most issues that come up.

Professional Video Recorders
Format Converters
Ensemble Designs Format Converters
Ensemble Designs HDMI to HDSDI converters
AJA Video Converters Video Converters
AJA Video Converters HD/SD Serial Digital Video & Audio Converters
ZeeVee Professional HD Video Distribution
Doremi Professional Video Recorders
MPEG 1, MPEG 2, MPEG 4 Encoders for OEMS and End Users

Video Encoders
Optibase MPEG encoders and decoders
Vitec MPEG encoders and decoders
dveo Broadcast Encoder Professional H.264 Encoders
Maya Logo Audio Transmission Codecs
Video Editing Building Blocks
Video Editing Software
Adobe Video Editing Software
Matrox Digisuite Family for OEMS
Video Editing Software
Editing Software
* We build turnkey editing systems
Video Streaming
Windows Media Video Streaming
Optibase Real Time MPEG-2 Encoders
Niagara Niagara Media WM Streaming Systems
ViewCast Osprey Video

Osprey Encoding Cards

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Professional Scan Converters
Professional Scan Converters
RGB Spectrum RGB Spectrum Scan Converters
Scan Do Scan Converters
Ensemble Designes Professional Scan Converters
tatung cctv monitors Rackmount Scan Converters
Mini DTV Converter (HD to SDI and SDI to HD)
HD Encoders and Decoders
Encoders and Decoders for Webcasting
ViewCast Osprey Video Viewcast Osprey Capture Cards
Inlet Niagara® Streaming Media Systems
Optibase Optibase Vitec
Ensemble Designs Haivision
Bluefish444 Bluefish444 HD & SD I/O Cards
Professional Video Recorders
Professional Video Recorders
Professional Video Recorders
Professional Video Recorders
Doremi Video Disk Recorders
Doremi Professional Video Recorders
Professional Audio
Professional Audio
Pro Audio
Ensemble Designs Professional Audio


Matrix Routers
Matrix Routers
tatung cctv monitors Video and Audio Analog Routing Switchers
tatung cctv monitors Video and Audio Digital Routing Switchers
Professional Video Cameras
Professional Video Cameras for Broadcasters


Professional Video Cameras JVC


Viewbits Miniature 1080p 60 fps or 59.94 fps HD-SDI Camera -- GNAT 1080p 60
HDTV Digital Cameras
3G/HD-SDI & HDMI Wireless Transmitter/ Receiver Systems 3G/HD-SDI & HDMI Wireless Transmitter/ Receiver Systems
Professional Video Recorders

Video Conferencing - Telepresence

= H.264 Bidirectional over IP= 

Ensemble Designs HaiVision -- HD and SD Video
Professional Video Recorders

OEMs and End Users

Ensemble Designs  


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