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List of Optical Element Design Software Companies
Engineering Optical Engineering Software
Precision-Optical Engineering : Design, development, production and testing of optical components for use in the visible and infrared regions of the spectrum.
Optenso : Optical Engineering Software
Testing Manufacturing
Durango : Interferometry software with support of many interferometer hardware.
Fringe Catch : Interferometric fringe processing software.
Optikos : MTF testing.
Ronchi for Windows : Simulates the appearance of a mirror while undergoing the Ronchi test.



Bentec Services Ltd. Aspheric optical design, mould tool inserts, polymer optics manufacturing and multiplexed, hyperaspherical surfaces.
DOE-CAD Software for design, mask generation and performance modeling of diffractive optical elements.
Illumination, Straylight Thin Film Design Software
Apilux O++ : Optical design software dedicated to photometric applications, optical design and multi-channel systems.
ASAP : System analysis program from Breault Research Organization, Inc. for imaging and illumination applications.
APART : Software for straylight analysis.
Photopia : Luminaire design package.
Radiant Imaging : Light source characterization, illumination design software.
SciSoft : Software for light scattering in dispersive media.
SOLEXIS : Data resource for black, white, reflective and transmissive surfaces.
TracePro : Performance modeling of optical systems and illumination systems.
Essential Macleod : Thin film design and analysis software.
Film Wizard : Software for optimization and synthesis of optical thin film coatings. Other products are Film Tec 2000, Film Monitor, Film Ellipse.
FilmStar : A suite of Windows programs for designing, manufacturing and measuring optical thin film coatings. There is also a free version.
Multilayer : Thin film analysis software
TFCalc : Software for designing and manufacturing optical thin film coatings.


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