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Medea VideoRaid RTR320X

VideoRaid RTR320X disk arrays feature a high-performance Ultra320 SCSI interface and can be set up with 5 or 10 disk drive modules. VideoRaid RTR320X provides data protection in the event of disk drive failures yet costs less than unprotected JBOD products. The RTR320X is qualified by the leading vendors of NLE gear.


Product Features

Real-time RAID protects your valuable content
Desktop or 3U rack mount with capacities to 4000 GB
Single or dual-channel Ultra320 SCSI interface
Up to 400MB/s data rate supports uncompressed HD
Multi-Stream Technology (MST) supports real-time playback of multiple D1 streams per channel
Multi-Stream Technology (MST) enables real-time playback of up to 8 streams of uncompressed SD 
Proprietary RAID Patrol assures long-term data reliability


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