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Optovalley Products : OVK-1394NIC


IEEE1394 Optical Network Interface Card


Easy High-Speed Networking with OVK-1394NIC Up-to 400Mbps with 1000meter distance IEEE1394a 2.0 & IEEE1394b support


Standard Features

  • Compiles with IEEE1394a draft 2.0(DS Port) and 1394b(Beta port)

  • Full duplex Data rate up to 400Mbps(Optical)

  • Uses 850nm Laser products

  • Offers 2 electrical 6pin DS ports and an optical port of SC connector

  • Extends 500meter in use of 62.5/125um and 1000meter in use of 50/125um MMF

  • PCI Local Bus Spec. Rev. 2.1 compliant and Rev. 2.2 ready

  • PCI power management compliant


Electrical Port

IEEE1394a draft 2.0(DS port)
2 Electrical 6pin ports

Optical Port

IEEE1394b draft compliant
1 SC type optical port
850nm VCSEL technology use
Class 1 Eye Safety compliant
62.5um,50.0um MMF support


Operating Temperature 0 to 50
PCI Standard Support Rev. 2.1 compliant & 2.2 ready
Power Supply Voltage DC 12V support (6pinDS Port)
Optical Fiber Length 50/125um : 1000meter max
62.5/125um : 500meter max
Optical Connector Type SC
Physical Dimension 125 x 90 (mm)



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