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High End LED indoor & outdoor display systems


Outdoor Very Large LED Display Systems for  Special Venues and Stadiums

Get an optimal solution in the following sectors:



IP 65: it can be used both Outdoors and Indoors.


6500nits: its brightness (easily adjustable via our ARCH ™ Software) allows it to run in direct sunlight.


Fixed or temporary installation: fast and easy multiple relocation if needed.


Virtual pixel: ensures better definition, as well as better image quality.

ARCH™ software: dedicated user-friendly software.


ARCH™ server: a controller allowing the broadcasting of any types of real-time digital and analogical signals.


Simple hanging and transportation system: save time and money.

Applications: (click on image to enlarge)


Technical Specifications: (click on image to enlarge)

tech spec for indoor display system tech spec for Outdoor display system





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