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Harris Broadcast: Multiviewers


Harris Broadcast: Multiviewers -- HView SX Pro : Multi-Display Management System

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Harris Broadcast: Multiviewers -- HView™ SX Pro : Multi-Display Management System

Harris introduces the HView™ SX Pro – our latest multiviewer option for the Harris® Platinum™ routing frame. Easily the industry’s most scalable, highest-density multiviewer, HView SX Pro delivers all the best that today’s advanced multiviewers have to offer. In a smaller, sharper and smarter design.


With HView SX Pro, you get more sources and outputs in fewer rack units. Advanced scaling technology for unsurpassed picture quality. Unmatched display output options. Built-in wall control functionality. Superior redundancy. And a vast range of user-friendly configuration and control options.


Combining the best in multi-image processing technology with the game-changing advantages of the Platinum router series, the HView SX Pro is more than merely a “multiviewer.” It is a powerful, highly reliable, space-saving multi-display management system that is easy to deploy, consumes less power, and reduces overall integration and operating costs. And it is, quite simply, a better way to handle signal monitoring in today’s fast-paced world of live production.



  • Pristine quality images – ideal for production environments
  • Less than one frame of processing delay
  • Monitoring of up to 512 sources over 192 displays
  • Virtual wall functionality – Treat up to six displays as single-display surface
  • Support for 3G/HD/SD/Composite signals
  • Simultaneous HDMI and HDSDI outputs
  • SFP fiber output option
  • Alarming on audio, video and metadata faults
  • Monitoring of embedded, AES, analog or MADI audio
  • Audio monitor output
  • On-screen clocks and timers
  • LTC, NTP and VITC timecode
  • Dynamic aspect ratio management
  • Safe area and aspect ratio markers
  • Closed Caption decode and display
  • Support for dynamic UMD and Tally protocols
  • On-screen mouse control


Product Details

Maximum functionality, Minimum real estate
The HView SX Pro multi-display management system offers versatile, modular solutions capable of monitoring from 16 to 512 sources in a space-, cost- and power-saving package. Here’s how it works.


HView SX Pro is an output module that operates in any current Platinum router chassis (5, 9, 15 or 28RU). Occupying from one to four slots, the module can reside alone in a Platinum frame and function exclusively as a multiviewer, or can be combined with routing cards for ultimate flexibility.


A single HView SX Pro card is capable of driving up to three unique displays, with the dual- and quad-slot versions capable of driving up to six. Depending on the size of the frame, up to 64 HView SX Pro modules can be placed in one chassis.


What do these facts and figures mean for your operation? Here’s an example: Using HView SX Pro, you can monitor up to 512 baseband input signals and drive up to 192 independent displays via a single 28RU chassis. And if your business outgrows your monitoring capability, two frames can be easily linked together to further increase the output capacity — up to an unprecedented 384 displays in 56RU!


Peerless picture quality
While cost and space savings are top of mind in any infrastructure deployment, they can’t be achieved at the expense of picture quality in today’s discriminating monitoring environments. Advanced video wall/multiviewer combinations enable not only monitoring, but also control of devices from one central location — and picture quality is vital when it comes to making critical judgment calls.


HView SX Pro raises the bar with its new Harris-developed MicroFine scaling technology, which uses an advanced polyphase scaling algorithm in tandem with adaptive deinterlacing to maintain the finest detail even on the smallest of PiPs. In addition, HView SX Pro features ultra low-latency processing to deliver the lowest possible frame delay — imperative in today’s competitive live broadcasting environments.


Smarter design, Simpler operation
Implementing a powerful, sophisticated monitoring solution will be a costly decision if nobody knows how to use it. That’s why ease of use was a key factor in the design of HView SX Pro.


For maximum flexibility, every individual Platinum output slot is configurable, enabling you to design a system that exactly matches your needs. Display options include simultaneous HDMI and HDSDI and virtual wall functionality, which enables you to treat up to six displays as a single-display surface. Monitoring is made simple by an extensive offer of fully integrated capabilities such as automatic video, audio and metadata alarming, on-screen ballistic meters and SNMP-based notification.


HView Designer, a built-in, highly intuitive Microsoft® Silverlight®-based editing and configuration tool, allows easy access to the system control via a web browser. A range of other control choices are available, including on-screen mouse control, GPI options, Harris Magellan™ router control panels, and CCS Navigator™ network monitoring and control software.




HView™ SX Pro 16x3 Back Panel


HView™ SX Pro 32x6 Back Panel


HView™ SX Pro 64x6 Back Panel



Specifications and designs are subject to change without notice.

Video Inputs
Input Standards 3 Gb/s: SMPTE 424M (2.97, 2.97/1.001 Gb/s)
HD: SMPTE 292M (1.485, 1.485/1.001 Gb/s)
SD: SMPTE 259M-C (270 Mb/s, 525/625)
Input Resolutions 1080p 59.94/50/23.98psf, 1080i 59.94/50, 720p 59.94/50,
SDI 525, SDI 625, PAL, NTSC

Video Outputs

Number of Outputs 3 to 6
Output Resolution 1920x1200p 59.95/50, 1920x1080p 59.95/50, 720p 59.95/50
Connector HDMI

Number of Outputs 3 to 6
Output Resolution 1920x1080p 59.95/50, 1080i 59.95/50, 720p 59.95/50
Connector HD-BNC

Fiber (option)
Number of Outputs 3 to 6
Output Resolution 1920x1080p 59.95/50, 1080i 59.95/50, 720p 59.95/50
Connector LC

Audio Outputs

Number of Outputs 1 (selected models)
Output Standard AES3, SMPTE 276M

Configuration HView Designer – web-based control and configuration software
Hardware Panels Magellan control panel
Network Monitoring CCS Navigator
GPI Support up to 64 GPI inputs

Ancillary Data Decode Closed Caption decode and display (EIA 608, 708)
VITC decode and display
Source ID (SMPTE 291M)
WSS decode

UMD Protocol Support TSL 3.1, 4.0, 5.0
Image Video
Ross contribution protocol
Thomson ASCII

Graphics Overlay Customizable backgrounds
Stylized video window skins
In-picture embedded audio bargraphs
Choice of analog/digital clock style
Up/down timers
4 tally lamps - red, green, yellow, blue
Dynamic UMD/tally

Fault Detection And Alarms
Video Loss of video
Frozen picture
Black picture detection
Loss of V-chip rating
Loss of closed captioning data
Loss of VITC data

Audio Audio over-level
Audio under level/silence
Loss of embedded channels

Status Indicators Input standard
Closed Caption standard
Source ID
V-chip status

Environmental Operating temperature: 41º to 95º F (5º to 35º C)
Storage: 32° to 122° F (0° to 50° C)
Humidity: 70% maximum


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