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Harris Broadcast: Multiviewers


Harris Broadcast: Multiviewers -- HView SX Hybrid: Scalable Multiviewer Solution for the Platinum Router with IP Decode Capability

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Harris Broadcast: Multiviewers -- HView™ SX Hybrid: Scalable Multiviewer Solution for the Platinum™ Router with IP Decode Capability

The HView™ SX Hybrid multiviewer is designed for baseband or hybrid applications with monitoring of both traditional baseband video and IP signals. Going beyond the capabilities of conventional multiviewers, the HView SX Hybrid offers unrivalled functionality such as baseband and broadband monitoring, integrated test and measurement, remote desktop control via VNC and RSS feeds direct to the display. Integrated within the Platinum platform this multiviewer/router solution is built to reduce integration costs by providing a single system solution and enable a more efficient use of space in today’s complex broadcast and A/V monitoring environments.


Available in four chassis sizes (5RU, 9RU, 15RU, 28RU), the HView SX Hybrid multiviewer is a scalable solution for monitoring from 32 to 512 baseband sources, with additional IP input capabilities. Platinum™ output capacity can be expanded by linking the inputs of two frames together using the Platinum distributed input expansion card – increasing the number of multiviewer and/or router outputs. With metadata monitoring, audio metering, rules based alarm management and best in class graphics HView SX Hybrid can provide.



  • Multiple IP decodes with associated audio MPEG-2, MPEG-4/H.264 through 1 Gb/s Ethernet connection
  • Up to 512 baseband inputs (HD, SD, analog, audio, fiber)
  • Outputs up to 64 displays
  • Available in four chassis sizes (5RU, 9RU, 15RU, 28RU)
  • Full alarming on audio, video and metadata
  • Scrolling PiPs
  • Overlapping PiPs
  • Onscreen control
  • CC presence and text
  • V-Chip identifiers
  • Teletext capabilities
  • Clocks and timers
  • Aspect ratio markers
  • Audio meters and phasev
  • Rules Designer — automated action responses
  • Integrated test and measurement windows
  • VNC client-capable
  • RSS support
  • Built-in backgrounds
  • Ability to control the router

Product Details

The HView SX Hybrid multiviewer is an output module that is added to the 5, 9, 15 and 28RU Harris Platinum chassis. The chassis has multiple input modules — auto-detecting HD/SD, analog and video, as well as a variety of audio cards. Each HView SX Hybrid multiviewer occupies four slots in the output section of the Platinum frame. The 5RU has eight output slots, the 9RU has 16, the 15RU has 32 and the 28RU has 64. In addition, the input sections of two frames can be linked together using the Platinum distributed input expansion card to increase the output capacity.


The HView SX Hybrid multiviewer has access to the entire signal matrix in the Platinum frame. Depending on the size of the frame, up to 16 HView SX Hybrid modules can be placed in one chassis — and each multiviewer is capable of driving two DVI-I outputs or four SDI outputs. As an example, a full 28RU chassis would be able to monitor 512 baseband input signals, and drive 64 independent HD-SDI monitors.


The Platinum chassis also has redundant crosspoint modules, redundant power supplies, redundant resource cards, and tie-line capabilities to increase the number of inputs that this hybrid multiviewer can access and display.


As an output module, the HView SX Hybrid multiviewer can be added to existing Platinum routers in the field, and be part of a system that has the multiviewer, video router and audio router in one frame. HView SX Hybrid also can reside alone in a frame and be used exclusively as a multiviewer with inputs received from an IP network, any router or distribution upstream.


There are a number of options for controlling the HView SX Hybrid multiviewer.


Layout Designer (PC-based setup software) is used to create the layouts by arranging the PiPs on a screen, assigning alarm rules, selecting the resolution and developing the appearance of the screen that the user wishes to have. It can also be used to control the onscreen mouse remotely.


Other methods of control include the Harris NUCLEUS™ control panel, a built-in Web application, or a built-in onscreen control.


Additionally, with the onscreen mouse, the user will be able to call up a test and measurement PiP (video window in the layout on screen) for baseband signals, as well as signal information, or change specific sources to any PiP in a layout.


The HView SX Hybrid multiviewer is CCS-compliant, and can be seamlessly tied together with the Harris network monitoring and control software, CCS Navigator™. HView SX Hybrid and Navigator can generate alarm conditions and respond to system events. Additionally, both have rules engines and can collaborate over CCS — enabling powerful system-level behaviors.


For added flexibility, the HView SX Hybrid offers built-in VNC capabilities that allow the user to view and control other PC-based devices. This feature is activated by simply placing the onscreen mouse on top of the VNC window and clicking. The VNC window can be viewed at full screen or at PiP size with the multiviewer’s onscreen mouse now operating as the device mouse over the PiP.


Simplified system design was a core consideration for the HView SX Hybrid multiviewer. As the number of signals in a facility grows, additional input modules are easily added, allowing the HView SX Hybrid multiviewer to accommodate from eight to 512 baseband inputs in a single chassis.


The rugged design of the system with a solid state drive and built-in redundancy make it ideal for control room applications, as well as OB truck operations.


Due to its inherent design flexibility, HView SX Hybrid can be customized to fit the unique needs of any application. The system can be baseband/broadband multiviewer and video/audio router in one frame, or it can comprise exclusively multiviewers. In all cases, the systems consist of inputs and outputs.


For example, a 72-input 5RU HView SX Hybrid system would consist of the following components:


Part No. Description
PM-FR-5 (1) 5RU Platinum frame
PM-HS-IB (9) HD/SD inputs
PM-72x64-3G5 (1) 5RU X-point 64x72
Harris HView SX Hybrid multiviewer (2)

This system would have connectivity for 72 3 Gb/s, HD or SD inputs that can be displayed on either four DVI or eight SDI screens. The input modules can be replaced with audio input modules for discrete audio capabilities or with fiber input modules in the field as needed.


Award-winning Harris® Inscriber® graphics are built right into the HView SX Hybrid multiviewer, powering state-of-the-art image layouts. Layouts can be customized for each output using sharp, striking visual elements that result in a more effective, efficient control environment.


These high-quality graphical elements, combined with the monitoring and alarming capabilities, enable quicker response times, preprogrammed reactions, and faster access to video and audio references.


The advanced graphics engine drives multiple screens at independent resolutions with independent layouts.


To maximize a facility’s display potential, HView SX Hybrid drives multiple displays with varying resolutions. By driving up to 32 independent DVI outputs or 64 independent HD-SDI outputs from one chassis, HView SX Hybrid is an ideal solution for controlling multiple wall applications in multiple rooms, with multiple layouts.


The HView SX Hybrid multiviewer provides unprecedented access to a vast toolset that enables users to have more information at a glance and more control at their fingertips so they can respond faster to operational needs.


In addition to IP decoding capabilities, HView SX Hybrid goes well beyond traditional offerings by supplying built-in test and measurement capabilities for baseband signals, user rules creation (Rules Designer), onscreen control, VNC capabilities, RSS feed display and programmable events. Since the HView SX Hybrid multiviewer resides within the Platinum framework, users get unmatched multi-image processing and an unsurpassed level of confidence that comes with using a world-class router.


With the ability to access every video and audio input within a facility, HView SX Hybrid delivers a powerful solution that streamlines even the most complex monitoring applications:


The design of Harris hybrid multiviewer makes it the ideal tool to monitor system quality and provide control and facility system management. The multiviewer has the ability to access every video and audio input within a facility — simplifying the system design. This integration of functionality delivers a powerful solution that streamlines even the most complex monitoring applications:


  • Reduces cabling requirements — The HView SX Hybrid multiviewer uses the existing router fabric to connect to all signals in the system
  • Simplifies expandability — Add another HView SX Hybrid module to the output to increase the number of processed images
  • Reduces the rack unit requirements of most systems — No need to use rack space with separate image processors fed from distribution amplifiers or a separate router




Hybrid Layout



Test and Measurement Source




Specifications and designs are subject to change without notice.

Output 2 DVI-I or 4 HD-SDI
2 AES audio

Input Auto-detecting 3G/HD/SD
Composite video input module
Computer sources via VNC
Fiber input module
Analog input module
Balanced AES audio input module
Unbalanced AES audio input module
Stereo input module
LTC time code

Video Compression Formats MPEG-2, MPEG-4/H.264

Audio Compression Formats MPEG-1 Layer 2

Redundant Hot-Swappable Modules Power supplies
X-point modules
Resource modules

Connectivity 2x 1 GB Ethernet ports
6 USB ports
Serial port and breakout cable with 2 RS-232 and 2 RS-232/422 connections for Tally and UMD

Video Format change
SD EDH error
Loss of video
Video freeze
Video black

Audio Audio channel missing
Audio channel peak
Audio channel low
Audio channel silence
Audio group 1 missing
Audio group 2 missing
Audio group 3 missing
Audio group 4 missing
Audio format change
Dolby® E program change

Metadata CC missing
CC not updating
CC not valid
V-Chip mismatch
Teletext missing
Teletext not updating
Teletext not valid
VITC missing
WSS missing
WSS format change
AFD missing
AFD format change

Miscellaneous GPI

Actions from Alarms Change layout
Change PiP source
Counter reset
Counter start
Counter stop
Fire global event
Fire GPO
Fire layout event
Log message
Make PiP full screen
Router switch
Send email
Send SMS text message
Set info panel alarm state
Set label text
Set PiP alarm state
Set tally alarm state
Set window alarm state
Show message box
Show waveform

Test and Measurement Displays for any selected input a choice of line (luminance), line parade (luminance and colour difference), waveform (sweep of luminance channel), waveform parade (sweep of luminance and colour difference), vector gamut, or quad view of any four

Redundant Power Supply (optional) 100 to 240 VAC 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption 255 W


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