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Mark Inspection libraries

eVision Mark Inspection libraries are robust and automatic. They support a large range of fonts or standards. eVision includes a range of four Mark Inspection Libraries:

EasyOCV - EasyOCR - EasyBarCode - EasyMatrixCode

Picolo Series Domino Series New Domino Series

EasyOCV: Optical Character Verification
EasyOCR: Optical Character Recognition EasyBarCode: Bar code reader
  • Comprehensive automatic training
  • Accurate built-in calibration
  • Grayscale analysis

  • Teachable system
  • Reliable and robust recognition
  • Size invariance

  • Automatic bar code location
  • Automatic symbology detection
  • Full support of many symbologies
  • Very fast and robust


Grablink Series    
EasyMatrixCode: Data matrix code reading    
  • Robustness to overcome demanding environments
  • Very fast operation
  • Automatic code detection
  • Error detection and correction




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