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Data Sheet Basler A100 Series

A100 Series
Basler A100 Series


Very good image quality and megapixel resolution


Our A100 cameras are a good fit for a broad variety of industrial applications.


The advantages of the Basler A100 series include:
  • 1.4 MP resolution
  • Max. capture rate of 15 fps
  • Standardized FireWire-a interface
  • Long exposure times (up to 5 sec.) for bad lighting conditions
  • Fully quality tested and calibrated for consistently high performance and reliability


Model Number Specifications:

Camera model

Resolution horizontal/vertical

Frame Rate



A102f 1392 pixels x 1040 pixels 15 fps Mono FireWire-a
A102fc 1388 pixels x 1038 pixels 15 fps Color FireWire-a




A100 Diagram





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