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Custom Products

We have a small engineering team that is composed of some smart people who used to work for Nicolet X Ray (Long ago absorbed by Teradyne) and are very capable of doing custom machine vision oriented products from scratch. On our team are project managers in both Mechanical and Software Engineering... This team is also experienced with LabVIEW by National Instruments.

Custom Work - We are most interested in Creating Products for you on a Project basis...

We are looking to do custom projects that involve

1. Mechanical Stages

2. Machine Vision


We have experience in



and of course X Ray image enhancements.


We also have a small team that is experienced in designing and modifying CCD cameras... We have over 10 years experience in customizing off the shelf CCD or CMOS cameras...



3. LabVIEW Projects: Have in-house expert with 15 years experience with LabVIEW software














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