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We are based in San Diego... Over the years we have developed great relationships with local Engineers and have together taken on work on a consulting and "product development: basis... We have ended up with some money in our pockets and developed good relationship..

Optical Lens Design + Camera Development And Image Processing Application Engineering + Consulting
Optics Consulting
License Plate Recognition Consulting

We have a great team of engineers nearby who work with several state HIGHWAY departments creating license plate recognition. If you need help in this area please call or email us…

Camera Consulting
Camera Design Consulting

We have a great team of engineers here in San Diego who have developed CCD and CMOS cameras for military programs. They are available to help you create custom cameras or modify existing cameras. Services we perform include: Removal and Replacement of Glass above sensors

Image Processing
Inspection and Machine Vision Application Consulting

We have a great team of engineers who worked for companies who closed up shop here in San Diego. These top notch engineers wrote extensive Image processing applications that ran great big machines that inspected all kinds of things like Wafers and Circuit boards. They are available to help you create your next product.



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