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We are Engineers... This product group focuses on Instruments that enhance the Scientific Process... San Diego is a place with lots of Biotechnology oriented Science. We get lots of requests for solutions and market opportunities from the local universities such as UCSD, SDSU, UCLA, and the local companies. For this reason the areas in which we offer Instrumentation products are Telecommunications and Biotechnology.

 Scientific Instruments
FO Interferometers
Fiber Optic Instruments
Fiber Polishing Machinery and Supplies
Digital 2D Inspection Device Connector and Ferrule Inspection Device
In-Adapter Ferrule

FO Interferometers
Unusual Inspection Scopes
1. Affordable Remote Snaking Head Inspection Camera for small Spaces



Medical Printers
Medical Printers
SONY Medical Analog/Digital Printers

FO Interferometers
Smart Cameras for Cell Sorting
HV-HD201, High Def Cameras for Cell Sorting
  Specialized Microscopes


Microscopy-Life Sciences Products
Medical Image Capture
Digital Medical Image Capture Device
Medical Vision


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